1967 Ford Shelby GT-500 ~ Diecast Car Collectible

Saturday, November 3, 2007

1967 Ford Shelby GT-500

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1967 Ford Shelby GT-500
Ford's mid-60s arrangement with racer/designer Carroll Shelby reached its peak in 1967. If the GT-350 was fast, the new GT-500 was lightning. Powered by a huge 428 cubic inch V-8, owners insisted its real horsepower was closer to 400 than the listed 355. Guaranteed to do 130 mph. these Shelbys featured a fiberglass nose, lowered hood, and special side scoops to air-cool the rear brakes. Built by both Shelby and A.O. Smith, 2050 were sold (twice that of the cheaper GT-350) at $4,195. This exclusive 1:32 scale precision diecast car replica is an exact duplicate of Carroll Shelbys masterpiece, from the grille-centered driving lights to the bucket seated interior.